LECOM Park, the spring training home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, marries a legacy of memories with modern functionality. It is the third-oldest field in major league use. Baseball has been played on this field since 1923.

Our team has personal experience with the magic this park holds. Kirk Bauer, Fawley Bryant Architecture Director of Sports, attended his first major league baseball game at LECOM Park. His grandfather took him out of school to attend a spring training game in the 90s. Kirk and his grandfather were enjoying the sunshine when one of the managers came by and asked, “hey kid, do you want to be a bat boy?” Kirk recalls, “my grandfather all but pushed me out of my seat.” He served as bat boy for the Boston Red Sox that day. Decades later, Kirk was part of a comprehensive update to LECOM Park that allowed a new generation of fans to enjoy the game.

In addition to new amenities, including playgrounds for the youngest fans and a Tiki bar for their parents, LECOM Park is now encircled with a 360-degree concourse. Fans can now stroll around the stadium and see the field from all vantage points. Our team was attuned to the character of the stadium in our selection of materials for the boardwalk, cohesively blending the new and existing elements. LECOM Park is not only the incubator for players’ dreams, but fans’ memories.