Spring training is about preparation. Teams are laying the groundwork for a winning season. Coaches develop players and athletes hone skills with a clear aim. Their efforts are not scattershot, but strategic. The chart toward a successful season begins long before the first day of spring training. The trajectory is set in the design of training facilities they use.

At Fawley Bryant Architecture we know that objectives inform tactics. The most integral part of the design process is ideation. We spend time in thoughtful listening and creative problem-solving before we ever sketch a schematic. We don’t just ask “why?” we ask “why not?” in order to uncover innovative answers. Through discussions with key stakeholders, we learn how they want to use a space, which dictates the best way to craft it. We convene working meetings with clients where we tinker with 3D models, responding to the needs they articulate. Purpose propels solutions.

When athletes arrive at spring training, they enter a facility that guides them toward a successful season. We craft complexes with efficiency of movement. There is a clear progression that informs and inspires players. Teams gather in communal areas that foster connection, before deploying to dedicated spaces to nourish their bodies, activate their muscles, and drill their skills. Each space not only drives the activity, but cues the mindset players need. Successful seasons and engaged architecture harness movement toward a goal.