In a baseball game, the athletes’ job is to get the fans out of their seats with an incredible play. An architect’s job is to get the fans into their seats with an unparalleled experience. When collaborating on CoolToday Park, our team integrated many different seating options, bringing freshness to the fan experience.

The same person can experience the game ten different ways. This encompasses not only traditional offerings, such as fold-down stadium seating and private boxes, but new options. A fan can lean into bar seating and rest their beer and hotdog on the rail as they take in the seventh inning. Lux lounges afford premium experiences with early access to the stadium and unique views of the field. A family can relax on a grassy berm that gives their toddler the freedom to wiggle and move around.

The range of seating options entices a casual attendee and enchants the die-hard fan. The Braves even offer a ticket package that allows a fan to experience the game from each of these vantage points. This both drives sales and transforms a familiar experience into a new adventure.