James Hugglestone brings a collaborative approach to his work, which yields strong relationships with coworkers and clients. His work is founded on the conviction that working together yields the best results. He cultivates respectful, open relationships that enable creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

His appreciation for architecture was ingrained as he grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in an area that blended natural beauty with architectural innovation. He didn’t realize how rich the architectural landscape was until he moved away for college. James reflects, “There was a lot of architectural value that I didn’t appreciate until I wasn’t there anymore.”

James’ work combines style with sensitivity to the context. He served as the lead architect on Waterside Place, a water-front town center that anchors Lakewood Ranch. This community is the fastest growing residential district in the United States and required thoughtful planning for a town center that will endure for decades to come. He explains, “This development needs longevity. We were tasked with creating the bones for a town that is going to be here longer than I will.” James kept the customer experience at the forefront, bringing inventive solutions to functional needs.

James’ commitment to collaboration is reflected in everything he does, from investing in his community through his work with Leadership Sarasota, a program of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, to planning getaways with his family. “James always includes all team members in all phases of the project, so that everyone truly feels valued and informed.” shares Page Wolfer, Senior BIM Technician.