February puts relationships in the limelight. As you buy your mom flowers and schedule a special dinner with your significant other, don’t forget the people with whom you spend the majority of your time: coworkers. Colleagues are integral parts of our lives. Because we don’t choose these relationships, we can slip into the assumption that we don’t have to maintain them. Positive workplace relationships don’t just improve our work outcomes, they make our lives better. Here are three ways to show your colleagues a little love this February:

  1. Encourage ownership. One of the quickest ways to sabotage a workplace relationship is through micromanaging. Communication and trust are the antidotes to micromanagement. When working on projects together, demonstrate your faith in your team by allowing them autonomy and authority.
  2. Learn from one another. Each of your colleagues brings expertise to the workplace that can enhance your outcomes. Don’t squander the opportunity to benefit from their skill and experience. Humility is central to constructive relationships. When we approach the workplace as learners, we make it safe to learn from our mistakes and propel growth.
  3. Have fun. The best teams foster positive connections. Passionate professionals take delight in what they do—and thrive in sharing their joy with one another. Make space to let your hair down with your colleagues. It can be the catalyst for creativity and is an important ballast to the intensity that deadlines can bring. A healthy workplace balances fun and functionality.