At Fawley Bryant Architecture we understand that principles drive practice. Seven core values inform and enliven our work. This is true not only of our work with clients, but our company culture.

The start of a new year has one value squarely in view: see your path. A new year brings fresh energy and renewed focus. We reflect on all we’ve achieved and set our sights on what we’d like to accomplish in the year ahead. We cannot chart our way until we have a clear trajectory. Forward focus happens on an individual and communal level. At Fawley Bryant Architecture, we hold monthly all team meetings that facilitate open dialogue and ensures our team is imagining the future together. We can’t assume that we’ll stay on track. We must be strategic and engaged.

With clients, seeing our path means understanding and investing in their projects. Within our organization, we recognize that our entire firm succeeds when our individual members are focused and fulfilled. We encourage everyone to articulate their ambitions. When they see their path, we can get there together. We have cultivated a workplace where it’s safe to be transparent with our aspirations. And it shows. Before our partners ​​Steve Padgett and Stu Henderson acquired the firm, the retention rate was 58%. In the five years since our retention rate has soared to 83%. This was a deliberate focus, as Steve and Stu tasked Amanda Parrish with shaping our employee culture.

Here’s to harnessing the power of your ambition in the year ahead. Envision success and vocalize your ambitions. We are a strong partner; we’ll get you there.