Originally published by: Campus Rec Magazine

While a rec center is designed and built within a few years, it’s meant to last 10 times as long. This is something Fawley Bryant Architecture understands.

“I love most the opportunity we have to make an impact on the community,” said Steve Padgett, a managing partner of Fawley Bryant. “I enjoy seeing our work enjoyed by the users. We work on a project for two years, but it’s intended to be there for 50 years. There’s a long-lasting impact on the community.”

That long-lasting impact though doesn’t come without a stellar team to make it happen. With locations in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida, the 18 team members of the Fawley Bryant roster make that impact possible. The team includes the principals, seven licensed architects, a full-service interior design department, project managers and support staff.

Padgett is on that team, arriving at Fawley Bryant in 2001 as a project manager. Working on a number of projects through the years, he soon found himself collaborating with Stu Henderson, who joined Fawley Bryant in 2011.

Henderson had a winding road to Fawley Bryant. In college, he started by studying art. However, he quickly moved to engineering and then finally landed on architecture. He taught interior architecture at Mercyhurst University, transitioning to director of design for the campus until 2010.

The backgrounds of both Padgett and Henderson allow for a great partnership. In December 2017, the duo purchased the firm and have been proactive about expanding their footprint in sports, education and campus planning.

Their focused efforts have resulted in continued or new partnerships with clients such as IMG Academy, Binghamton University, The Atlanta Braves, Pittsburg Pirates, UFC, Under Armour, St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins, New College of Florida, University of South Florida and State College of Florida. 

Each project follows a similar process. Fawley Bryant looks to listen to clients and ask the powerful questions of “Why?” and “Why not?” From there, the firm explores options with virtual reality and 3D modeling. Ideas are then turned into reality and facts are checked. What Fawley Bryant has found is the process of designing a smart, beautiful space starts with understanding the client’s purpose, goals and unique needs.

Plus, behind each and every project lies seven core values that are the makeup of Fawley Bryant:

  • Own It: We, as individuals, take pride in our piece of the process. For the betterment of our team and the service of our clients, we hold ourselves accountable for the largest and smallest of things.
  • Focus on Finishing: A strong work ethic paired with a purposeful plan succeeds. We set a high personal bar, commit ourselves fully and finish.
  • See Your Path: Envision success and vocalize your ambitions. We are a strong partner; we’ll get you there.
  • Adapt and Evolve: We don’t get stuck. As lifelong learners, we embrace change, problem-solve and prescribe solutions.
  • Elevate Others: Be ruthlessly positive. Achieve a better outcome. Speak the truth with good intentions, but let your actions speak loudest of all. We rise by lifting others.
  • We Are All Human: We all make mistakes. On our good days, we celebrate; on our bad days, we grow. Life happens, and we get it.
  • Achieve Technical and Creative Balance: Both data and dreams drive our profession. We innovate, iterate and improve until, together, we reach the desired combination of smart, beautiful spaces.

The talented people at Fawley Bryant, guided by the core values, are a key to the success of the firm. 

Even more, the values feed into the overall vision of Fawley Bryant. That mission is to grow a thriving organization to nourish not only the team but the community as well. And this is done by designing smart, beautiful spaces.

“We help our clients achieve overall, big-picture objectives,” said Henderson. “It’s not just programming or the design of a building — we become a true long-lasting partner.”

In fact, what Henderson really loves about his role at Fawley Bryant is the team, clients and community partners he works with, as well as creating the spaces where people can teach and learn. However, the most rewarding part of it all is to see spaces used as they were designed to be used.

“It’s about our client, their vision and their need,” said Padgett.

At Fawley Bryant, the powerhouse team is making waves from its headquarters in Florida. It’s listening to its clients and keeping to the seven core tenants that make up what the firm stands for. So, the only thing you can expect from Fawley Bryant is to expect greatness in its smart, beautiful spaces.